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Experienced Real Estate Lawyer serving Yorkville, Naperville, and Shorewood including the nearby Suburbs of Chicago

Gateville Real Estate, LLC is a boutique real estate law firm with offices in Naperville. Shorewood, and Yorkville, Illinois.  Our law firm is a virtual law firm with satellite offices in Naperville, Shorewood, and Yorkville, Illinois.  We work closely with Kendall, Grundy, Will, DuPage, and Kane Counties.  We utilize the latest technology to better serve our clients and referral partners.  We have expertise in residential and commercial real estate law and estate planning and business law.  Gateville Real Estate, LLC has expertise in the areas of real estate, business formation, estate planning, and asset protection law.  The team members of Gateville Real Estate, LLC have over thirty (30) years of experience in the areas of real estate law.


Gateville Real Estate, LLC prides itself on its’ service and responsiveness.  The foundation of Gateville Real Estate’s success is its’ focus on service.  Service means prompt return of all phone calls and emails and responsiveness to its’ clients needs.  Gateville Real Estate, LLC prides itself on repeat business and many realtors and mortgage professionals refer their clients because of the extensive real estate experience and second to none service that Gateville Real Estate, LLC gives its’ clients.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, experienced buyer, and/or seller of residential real estate, Gateville Real Estate, LLC’s team monitors the appropriate deadlines and takes a pro-active approach to solving problems.


Gateville Real Estate, LLC has a strong foundation and has a solid team.  Team is important when it comes to real estate law.  A solid team brings additional expertise and experience, which is vital for buyers and sellers of real estate.  Gateville Real Estate, LLC has the following professionals in its’ network:

Real Estate Agents and Brokers:  Real estate agents are critical to the real estate process because they develop a sales price, present and negotiate settlement offers, showcase properties, assist with home inspection issues and many other things.  The real estate agents and brokers are essentially the quarter back of the real estate team.

Title Companies:  Title Companies are critical to completing the purchase and sale process.  Title companies order the real estate searches and help attorneys identify the critical title issues and offer title insurance for the real estate closing process.  Gateville Real Estate, LLC has a close with its’ title company which provides extensive benefits to our real estate clients.

Mortgage Brokers and Agents:  Mortgage brokers and agents are the financial experts providing access to capital for buyers to purchase real estate.  Furthermore, mortgage brokers and agents assist with the refinance process.

Home Inspectors:  Home inspectors are hired to inspect real estate and provide a report to prospective buyers.  These reports are used by the real estate attorney to negotiate home inspection issues.

Radon Experts:  Testing for radon exposure is a critical issue in the Kendall, DuPage, Will, and Kane County areas.  Radon experts test properties to see whether they pass the radon test and provide radon mitigation in case homeowners need to correct a failed test.

Surveyor:  Develops a map to identify property boundaries and make sure legal descriptions are proper and precise.

Pest & Termite Inspectors:  Maximize the safety of your home and provide the safest methods of pest control and termite inspections to minimize harm to pest and humans.

Handy Persons:  Assist home owners with repairs to their houses to comply with home inspection issues.


Gateville Real Estate, LLC is the premier real estate law firm the in the Yorkville, Naperville, and Shorewood areas of the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  We may be contacted at 630-780-1034 or via online contact form.