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Are you looking for an LLC or Corporation Attorney?

Gateville Law Firm and Sean Robertson provide affordable and reasonably priced incorporation services for real estate investors and business owners that want to incorporate their LLC or Corporation?  We also represent franchise owners, partnerships, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs that want reasonably priced incorporation services.

Unlike Legal Zoom, we will be happy to do an in-person or over the phone consultation to discuss your specific business requirements and we will set-up the correct business incorporation and asset protection strategies best suited for you and your family.  Often times, family-owned businesses and others fail to properly protect themselves due to a lack of attorney expertise.

Gateville Law Firm is a virtual law firm that empowers entrepreneurs and business professionals with their LLC, Partnership, and Corporation legal needs.  Sean Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur and business attorney with over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business attorney, and asset protection attorney.  Utilize our experience to assist you and your business ventures.

Our prices are cost-effective and we provide high-quality and customized legal expertise.  We serve the Naperville, Yorkville, and Shorewood areas including nearby areas.  We may be reached at 630-780-1034.

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