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Legal adoption is a complex and time-consuming process in the State of Illinois.  The adoption process is a trying time for parents and children.  Sean Robertson and the Attorneys of Gateville Law Firm understand the adoption process.  We regularly represent families and parents in family and probate court whether there is a guardianship case or an adoption case.


There are several different types of adoption cases such as the following:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Interfamily adoptions
  • Newborn or infant adoptions
  • Adult Children Adoptions

Adoption presents challenges and opportunities.  An objective and skilled adoption attorney is critical.  As a family law attorney, we understand the complex court processes, which occur in an adoption matter.  As an adopted child, Sean Robertson, the Principal of Gateville Law Firm appreciates the adoption process because adoption has been a positive experience for him and his family.

The adoption process is a difficult process if one fails to seek out a qualified adoption attorney.  Parental rights affect adoption cases and significantly impact a family’s life and well-being.  Attorney Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm are skilled adoption attorneys in both negotiations and litigation.


The Lawyers of Gateville Law Firm provide experienced and passionate legal representation involving adoption matters.  As an adopted person, Attorney Sean Robertson understands the impact of adoption.  Adoption has significant legal, financial, and family challenges.  Sean Robertson is passionate about providing responsive legal representation in adoption and family law matters.  Hire our adoption attorneys today at 630-780-1034.

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