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Divorce and Small Business Attorneys

Divorce and Small Business Attorneys

Our law firm concentrates in the areas of divorce, dissolution of marriage, post-divorce, and small business divorce law.  Small business is vital to the Illinois economy and hiring an experienced small business divorce attorney is vital to your financial best interest.  Often, divorce attorneys are not experienced in the areas of small business and closely-held business law.  This makes the divorce process unique when a business owner or their spouse has a divorce involving a closely-held business.

Experienced Corporate Lawyer for Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings

Sean Robertson is an experienced business and corporate attorney with over fifteen (15) years of experience in the areas of divorce, closely-held business, and small business law.  Significant business experience is critical during a dissolution of marriage proceeding because it involves profit and loss agreements, operating agreements, partnerships, and bylaw written agreements among shareholders.

Unlike most divorce attorneys, Sean Robertson has significant expertise in the areas of small business law and the purchase and sale of a business.  In fact, Sean Robertson teaches other business attorneys about small business law.  As an entrepreneur, Sean Robertson relates with entrepreneurial and family-owned business owners and their families.  Cash flow is unique in business and restaurant situations and Sean Robertson and his attorneys understand the complexities involved in small business divorce matters.

Business Ownership as a Marital Asset

Your business is a significant financial and marital asset.  Most businesses are illiquid and valuing the interest of a small business is difficult.  Hire an experienced divorce and business attorney combined.  Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm is your small business and closely held business lawyer.  The decision to sell a business or keep a business intact is a big issue in the divorce process.  Generally, the small business owner aims to keep the business because they have worked hard to achieve financial and business success.

Experienced Divorce and Business Attorneys in Kendall, Will, DuPage, Kane, and Grundy Counties.  Hiring a business and divorce law firm is a significant investment in your financial future.  Whether you are a small business owner or a spouse of a spouse business owner, our law firm is prepared to guide and educate you on the divorce and business process.  We have the ability to proceed to trial or negotiate a resolution of your divorce matter.

We can be reached at 630-780-1034.

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