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Emergency Modifications of Child Custody and Parenting Time Attorneys

Motions to Modify Child Custody and Parenting Time is a significant legal motion that has significant parenting opportunities or distress.  Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm have significant experience addressing emergency motions for Change in Circumstances.  Generally, in Illinois, a child custody final decree cannot be overturned unless a parent establishes that the child’s present environment may seriously endanger the child’s physical, mental, moral or emotional health.  This situation may occur when one parent has a DCFS investigation that has taken the child or children out of the home.

Change of Child Custody Attorneys

Sean Robertson and Gateville Law Firm concentrate in the areas of divorce, family law, and modification of child custody orders allocating parental responsibilities.  Illinois law favors a stable environment for a child.  Thus, a change of child custody petition is a difficult petition to win.  The law changed significantly in 2016 and the standard to provide for a child modification proceeding changed from clear to convincing evidence to a preponderance of the evidence.  The preponderance of the evidence standard is a much easier standard to meet than the clear and convincing standard.

Experienced Child Custody and Child Modification Attorneys

Hiring an experienced child custody and child modification attorney is an important decision.  Hiring our law firm is the right decision.  Our law firm will fight for you and educate you on the law.  Generally, guardian ad litem is appointed for the child or the children.  A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney that represents the children.  Our law firm will work with the Guardian Ad Litem to enhance your case.   Sean Robertson is a graduate of DePaul University College of Law and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Sean Robertson has a significant trial and litigation experience.

Hire an Experienced Child Custody and Modification Lawyer Serving DuPage, Kendall, Kane, Grundy, and Will Counties

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