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Establishing paternity for a child requires skilled and experienced legal representation.  Paternity litigation affects child support, custody matters, parenting rights and responsibilities, and financial well-being of parents and their children.  Most paternity matters involve unmarried fathers and mothers, which differ from divorce cases.  An experienced parentage lawyer understands the emotional and financial consequences of the custody process on its’ clients.


Paternity cases are often filed by mothers seeking to establish parentage.  Consequently, parentage cases compel fathers to pay child support and related expenses.  On the other hand, fathers file parentage cases because negotiations with the mother have failed.  Parentage laws are viewed differently by men and women.

Once paternity is established, a decree of parentage is established, which impacts the following areas:

  • Child Support
  • Parenting visitation and parental responsibilities
  • Health insurance coverage and Daycare Responsibilities
  • Contributions to daycare, extracurricular activities and out of pocket medical expenses

At Gateville Law Firm, we understand how a paternity or parentage case affects one’s life.  Here, we are experienced at navigating the complex court processes.


Paternity cases require skilled parentage lawyers that understand a parent’s rights and responsibilities.  A child affects a person’s life like no other factor.  Skilled family law firm is important to protect one’s parenting rights.  Child support has a significant role in one’s economic security.  DNA Testing is used to prove and disprove paternity.  Sean Robertson and the Attorneys of Gateville Law Firm represent fathers and mothers in parentage and paternity matters.  Contact us today at 630-780-1034.

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